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Experiencing Headaches and Jaw Discomfort?

As a TMJ patient himself, Dr. Martin knows firsthand
how to get you out of pain.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?


Neck/Shoulder aches

Jaw pain

Sensitive and sore teeth

Facial pain

Worn down teeth

If so, you may be experiencing TMJ disorder – the disharmony of your teeth, facial muscles, and temporomandibular joints. As an expert South Tampa dentist, Dr. Martin can help bring your body back to harmony with neuromuscular dentistry, which addresses the relationships related to the body’s range of motion.

I’ve Been Diagnosed with TMJ Disorder … What Now?

Typically, your dental treatment in our South Tampa office will follow four steps:

  • Relieve muscle spasm and pain:

    The immediate concern is to provide relief from your symptoms. We use a technology called ULF-TENS. This technology is a way to relax your muscles with a gentle massage. The rhythmic pulsing relaxes the muscles by increasing blood flow and pumping out waste products.

  • Measurements:

    To relieve the rest of your neuromuscular pain, we have to determine the position of your jaw joints and muscles. We use a computerized diagnostic tool, which records the position of the jaw and muscles and allows Dr. Martin to determine the next course of treatment to relieve your pain.

  • Stabilize the bite:

    Often for this step a temporary device, known as an orthotic is worn over the teeth. The orthotic allows your neuromuscular dentist to make easy adjustments to the plastic without adjusting the teeth until the bite is stabilized. Once symptoms are relieved and the bite has been stabilized, your dentist will move on to the next step and permanently adjust your bite to the correct position..

  • Long-term management:

    There are a variety of ways to correct your bite in a more permanent way. Ask Dr. Martin for the right treatment for you..

Why Trust Dr. Martin for TMJ Relief?


Dr. Martin has been through TMJ disorder. He completely understands the discomfort you’re going through and the steps needed to relieve your pain.


Dr. Martin has pursued multiple continuing education courses, learning Neuromuscular Dentistry principles from the best educators.


Dr. Martin knows firsthand how to get you out of pain by using the latest technologies and techniques proven to work.

Ready to Get Started?

“ When I arrived at your office, I had been through four months of pain, many dental visits, inability to eat certain foods, many tears and lots of frustration. No one wanted to listen to what I had to say. In fact, some of them made me feel like I was going crazy or making it up. When I found you, I found comfort. You could examine me and tell me what you thought. I am eating normally again and not suffering from the TMJ pain. I can't thank you enough for your TLC.”

Vanessa H.


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